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This international recorder class intends to focus on the core repertoire of the instrument, but not in a traditional way: The study of historical works should contribute to the development of perspectives for possible one’s own interpretations. The focus is thus not only on historically informed performance, but also on the release of one’s own creativity and thus identity, which uses the historical perspective above all to “read” the musical text.

The activities – all in English – include also aspects of Artistic Research, thus supporting the development of an artistically reflective personality.

This international class is lead by Drora Bruck and Regina Himmelbauer; Meng-This international class is lead by Drora Bruck and Regina Himmelbauer; Meng-Heng Chen is affiliated coordinator for Asia. The courses will host some of the main figures of the global recorder scene.

The Blokfluit Net Working Group is kindly supported by the Israel Conservatory, Tel Aviv (Israel) and the Joseph Haydn Conservatoire (Austria).

About us

The Blokfluit Net Working Group

Drora Bruck

Drora Bruck graduated from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, where she studied with Michael Meltzer, for her BMus which was obtained in 1990. Bruck went on to study in the Civica Scuola di Musica in Milan with Pedro Memelsdorff after winning a scholarship from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

She teaches at the Faculty of the Performing Arts in the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, and is the director of the department of the Shtriker Israeli Conservatory of Music in Tel Aviv established in September 2005. Since 2014 Drora is a lecturer in the Department of Music, in The Givat Washington College, Israel

Drora Bruck has performed and recorded works written for her, from solo pieces to chamber music with voice, guitar, piano, string quartet and electronic sounds

Regina Himmelbauer

Regina Himmelbauer graduated from the at the Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst in Wien (today: mdw Vienna) in music pedagogics and instrumental pedagogics with distinction, where she studied with Rudolf Hofstötter. She also took lessons and masterclasses with other teachers, including Pedro Memelsdorff. Later she also studied Business Management at the University of Applied Sciences Vienna (FH Wien).

She teaches recorder and general pedagogic courses at the Joseph Haydn Conservatoire in Haydn town Eisenstadt near Vienna. From 2017 to 2021 she was prorector of JAM MUSIC LAB Private University in Vienna.

Her artistic focus is on interdisciplinary performances.


Meng-Heng Chen

Meng-Heng Chen, faculty of Tsing Hua University, Taiwan. She earned the degree of Doctor of Musical Arts from Boston University in 2010, with a major in Historical Performance and Recorder as her performing instrument, and was awarded the “Student Presentation Honor Award”. Chen is patriotic in terms of promoting Taiwan and the achievements of Taiwanese recorder performance to the rest of the world. She has led ensembles to win gold medals at the “Japan Recorder Competition” in 2005, 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2017. In 2015, she organized the third ARF Asia Recorder Festival in Taiwan, and also performed in the opening concert and conducted the recorder orchestra during the final concert. Chen was often invited to teach and perform in several countries including China, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Israel, Holland, Belgium and many others. Since her excellent performance after graduated, she was awarded as a notable alumnus at the Boston University. In 2018, she also earned the award for outstanding teaching from Tsing Hua University.

The Logo

“Die Käfer” (“The Beetles”) by Liane Presich-Petuelli

Liane Presich-Petuelli was born in Eisenstadt in 1925. She studied piano, singing and music education in Vienna. She was a music teacher at music schools and grammar schools in Burgenland. Until 1985 she was a teacher at the Gymnasium Kurzwiese, after which she intensified her artistic activities in the fields of literature, graphics and music. Presich-Petuelli was a member of numerous literary associations in Austria and Germany. She had made a name for herself beyond the borders of Austria as a pianist, recorder player (with the ensemble Flautario) and poet. However, she achieved the greatest recognition through her silhouettes, which she had been working with since her childhood. In the course of time she began to break new ground, which led her from black and white styles to other techniques. The artist died in 2020.

The silhouette was dedicated to the recorder player and composer Patricia Michlits, in gratitude for researching the recorder repertoire of the artist’s ensemble Flautario in 2016. At that time Liane Presich-Petuelli was already in her 9th decade of life – an ideal of artistic creativity into old age.

Use of the silhouette by kind permission of relatives of Liane Presich-Petuelli.