Essential Recorder Repertoire

These introductory courses deal with the central works of the recorder repertoire. There will be an introduction to the historical environment as well as to music-historical developments. Historical sources are dealt with and practical performance topics are discussed. These courses are aimed at first-year students and interested laypersons who wish to delve deeper into familiar repertoire or get to know new literature of an epoch. The length of each course varies, depending on the topic. The courses are held by Drora Bruck (Jerusalem Academy of Music and Washington Hill College / Israel) and Regina Himmelbauer (Joseph Haydn Conservatoire / Austria).

The Courses in the Coming Years

Italian Early Baroque Music (17th century) – A Revolution in Music

English and German Early Baroque Music (17th century) – Between Tradition and the Modern Italian Style

Italian High Baroque – Corelli and the Reinvention of the Sonata

Italian Late Baroque – The Opera Drama Enters the Instrumental Music

German Late Baroque – J. S. Bach and G. Ph. Telemann, an Unequal Duel

French High and Late Baroque – An Elegant Depth

High and Late Baroque – What Else Happened

The Sentimental Style – The Aspiration of J. S. Bach’s Sons to Become “Original”

The Classic and Romantic Style – The Recorder on New Paths

The Neoclassical and Neoromantic Repertoire – Dolmetsch & Co.

The 1960ies Avantgarde – A Revolution and Its Impact on Modern Playing

The Recorder in Jazz and Popular Music – Anybody Out There?

The Recorder in My Homeland – A Journey Around the World

Expired courses

Medieval Music – Noble(wo)men, Minstrels and Peasants: 10 meetings, thursdays 19:30-21 CET (Nov 5 2020: Prehistoric Times & Antiquitiy, Nov 12: Antiquity and Byzantium, Nov 19: The Concept of Artes Liberales, Gregorian Chant and Hildegard of Bingen, Nov 26: Cantigas de Santa Maria, Dec 3: Trobadors & Trobairitz, Dec 10: Intonation, Sources of Dance Music, Dec 17: Online Concert of all participants, Jan 7 2021: Dance Music II, Jan 14: late Medieval Music – first polyphonic instrumental music, Jan 21: Final Concert of all participants).

The 16th Century – Is the Music of that Time “Renaissance” Music? 10 meetings, thursdays 19:30-21 CET (Feb 18 2021: Art of the Renaissance era, Feb 25, March 4, March 11, March 18: Renaissance recorders, presentation of Adrian Brown (Amsterdam / The Nehterlands), April 8, April 22, April 29: Improvisation workshop with Jostein Gundersen (Bergen / Norway), May 6, May 13, extra meeting May 20: Final Concert of the participants).