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“Die Käfer” (“The Beetles”) by Liane Presich-Petuelli

Liane Presich-Petuelli was born in Eisenstadt in 1925. She studied piano, singing and music education in Vienna. She was a music teacher at music schools and grammar schools in Burgenland. Until 1985 she was a teacher at the Gymnasium Kurzwiese, after which she intensified her artistic activities in the fields of literature, graphics and music. Presich-Petuelli was a member of numerous literary associations in Austria and Germany. She had made a name for herself beyond the borders of Austria as a pianist, recorder player (with the ensemble Flautario) and poet. However, she achieved the greatest recognition through her silhouettes, which she had been working with since her childhood. In the course of time she began to break new ground, which led her from black and white styles to other techniques. The artist died in 2020.

The silhouette was dedicated to the recorder player and composer Patricia Michlits, in gratitude for researching the recorder repertoire of the artist’s ensemble Flautario in 2016. At that time Liane Presich-Petuelli was already in her 9th decade of life – an ideal of artistic creativity into old age.

Use of the silhouette by kind permission of relatives of Liane Presich-Petuelli.